Interview with Alexandra Petrus

Product Manager Fintech and Co-Founder at Bucharest AI

Please, tell a bit about the work you do. How did you first get involved into this work?

I build products with a purpose, by focusing on humans and experiences. I am able to do this by wearing many hats across fields such as: technology, business growth and user experience. I also passionately grow tech communities, help startups and companies and generally passionate about staying on top of the latest technologies applied use cases.

What is the most challenging part of your work, and what is the most rewarding one?

Rewarding: Making users and products click through a-ha moments. Challenging: Always the human nature. Encouraging and promoting collaboration and diverse approach before all. To me, thriving at work and beyond is directly dependant on collaboration (from all stakeholders, action players and so on).

Do you have any advice for someone interested in pursuing the same career?

Strategy is a plan that enables you to act. Never go missing a strategy in doing something. A change especially needs to happen in stages and depending on the people around you and their understanding it needs to happen at different speed levels. NASA has an interesting technology readiness level (1-9) that I find it more and more practical.
Being aware of new market entries, hype curves and being a doer before anything, it helps. As any role, looking at what you do from different angles and trying to answer different questions, never fails. >

Can you give us a sneak peek into your GDG DevFest Romania talk? Why did you choose this subject?

FinTech is manifesting a urge to jump to TechFin. This means bringing the UX consideration in our run towards a cashless experience and instant services. How businesses learn to speak the customer’s language will dictate the speed of adoption and quality of the products and services offered. Being impacted about its progress on both professional and personal level, bringing my contribution and helping build a healthy transition is essential to me.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of attending events like GDG DevFest Romania?

The power of belonging to the right group and being able to scale from monologuing to actually being able to have a conversation with your audience.